An expert study of a high-potential land plot is undertaken with a conclusion about possibility of arranging entry to road service facilities and exiting them to the general use highways.

Consultations on issues of buying/acquisition of land plots for construction of roads, road service facilities and possibility of their «connection» to the highway.



Pre-design is worked out for making the right engineering solutions. 

Legal services are provided for obtaining the Customer’s documentation approvals with all corresponding authorities and offices under the current legislation.

Arrange getting all necessary permits for building roads and road service facilities within localities and beyond. 
Performs a topographical surveys of the areas with superimposing the land plot, cables, utility lines and surroundings.

Develops design estimates documentation for the construction, namely  the following sections :

  • construction of road, speed changing lanes, entry, exits, traffic safety control ( incl. the scheme of traffic orientation )  at the entry points to facilities and on the area of facilities themselves;
  • outdoor lighting of entry points to facilities;
  • utility and cable lines relocation;
  •  construction cost estimate by type of works and sections;
  • construction cost estimate summery.

Getting all necessary approvals for the developed design with corresponding authorities.


Performing preparatory, construction and installation works. 
Performing utility and cable lines relocation, including cable duct system construction.  
Performing installation works of road metal guard rails, traffic signs and arranging road marking and the outdoor lighting on the entry roads and facilities. 
Performing technical and authorial supervision during construction

Our company will prepare the best option of designed engineering solution with  construction cost optimization.